Stepping into the first chapter of 2020 could be overwhelming and challenging. Many people find themselves struggling to keep the resolutions from previous years, because they may not know what they really want in life. If that’s you, you might need to slow down and really think what is your purpose in life. It is the perfect time to reflect, reprioritise yourself and your best interest. If you find yourself constantly worried about work piling up, anxiety on checking emails and messages or lost focus on whatever you’re currently doing, you’ve probably had a stressful year at work. There are times you might feel incompatible on achieving certain goals or commitments. But hey, it’s okay to do less than perfect. If there’s one New Year’s resolution that will help you the most in the long run, it’s to give yourself permission to pause. You know you need some “me time” to do what’s best for you and taking good care of yourself. Self-care is essential for your mental health and bringing balance to all aspects of your life. If you’re caught up in work and don’t attend the needs of the body, you’ll usually wind up getting sick and achieve fewer things. Sometimes the most productive thing is to relax and learn to balance each area of your life. Self-care can be difficult at times, but Tranquility Spa has got you covered with their New Year’s promotions. So if you’re feeling sluggish or depleted, why not give your body a pause and treat yourself at Tranquility Spa, the largest spa chain from Nepal, now in Malaysia,Putrajaya Marriott Hotel and Palm Garden Hotel IOI City Resort. Check out their current offer and treat yourself well for once!

60 minutes Himalayan Signature Body Massage at RM99nett

Himalayan signature body massage combines both relaxing and therapeutic massages using repeated circular palm and thumb stroking movements taken from Ayurvedic, Swedish, and Nepalese Himalayan traditional method. This deep tissue body massage rejuvenates, nourishes, and restores your energy instantly.

60 minutes Foot Reflexology at RM88nett

The reflex points on the foot correspond to the major organs and other parts of the body. The pressure is applied to the reflex points on the foot, it goes beyond the skin and muscles, pushing deep into the arch. Foot reflexology is said to alleviate ailments, accelerate healing effects, promote and maintain good health in general.

60 minutes Body Scrub at RM88 nett

If you’re not going for a body scrub, you’re missing out numerable skin benefits from it. Body scrub helps in removing the dead skin cells by exfoliating the impurities. It polishes your body, improves blood circulation and leaves the skin smooth and rejuvenated. What’s better than a thorough body scrub with the right amount of intensity than having the struggle to get all parts scrubbed by yourself?

Tranquility Spa & Wellness Locations.

Putrajaya Marriott Hotel
  • IOI RESORT,62502
  • Tel:  +60123793945

Operation Time :

Tuesday to Sunday : 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Closed on Monday